Saturday, March 29, 2008

It won't be long ...

Larry should be on a plane and into Kuwait before noon California time. The weather is not very cooperative right now with high winds and dust. Please continue to pray for their safety and uninterrupted travels. We are all so ready for him to be USA bound.


alohasteve said...

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Mine said...

Larry - I can only emphasize the feeling of relief so close to leaving - and still that true, dry humor; we will all remind you should you dare to complain about something "difficult" in the good US of A.
As thankful and praying as our family is for your safe return, as anxious are we that your "old" unit with our Chris and Rudi Ramirez in it got their alert orders (Terri might have mentioned it); after reading this last blog from you - not a comforting thought at all!!
Stay strong and we will talk to you upon your return very soon:)
Mine and Family