Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Words I've been so anxious to hear ...

Communication has been far less than desirable since they have been on the move. All have arrived safely in Camp Ramadi but there are no computers hooked up and Larry's satellite phone is in the conex (?) with all his belonging.

He called last night on a pay phone and we talked for 30 minutes ... you can't imagine how that made my day. But what really made my day was, "we'll be out of here around March 21st ... on to Kuwait for an undetermined number of days and then back to the states."

Praise God! I am so excited that the end is in sight. It's hard to imagine how long 1 year is until you spend it doing something you really don't want to do ... that's from my perspective; not Larry's. To have him back in the states will be such a relief.

There's no way to thank you all the way we want to for your support and daily (sometimes hourly) encouragement. Until later ...

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