Thursday, January 10, 2008

They're moving ...

Looks like the move to the new base is just about here.

(don't send anything until January 15th to assure the post office is opened)

Larry's pretty excited because his new place is exactly that ... BRAND NEW ... which to Mr. Johnson means clean and tidy. He loves that. In addition, looks like he will not be sharing with a roommate. That too is to his liking.

Time seems to be moving quickly for him. He says at this rate April seems like a month away ... I hope that feeling lasts for all our sakes.


Anonymous said...

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Jason Freeman said...

Hello Larry,

On behalf of Laurie and I, we would like to give a sincere thank-you for everything you've done for our country's safety. I couldn't even imagine being away from my family and in such a place as you've been for so long. Sorry we haven't wrote in your blog sooner. Didn't know about it till I stumbled upon an old email.I'm sure Teri is in heaven beings you're on your way home soon. She is such an awesome person and has been very kind to us over the years. Take care of yourself over there and have a safe trip home.
Your friends and admirers,
Jason and Laurie Freeman