Sunday, November 11, 2007

Time flies when you're in love ...

21 days has come and gone. Larry headed back to Iraq yesterday. He called this morning at 8AM our time and was in Kuwait. Again he was blessed so far by getting there faster than he thought he would.

What did we do for 21 days ... it would be tough to recall it all but a recap is that we spent a lot of time with loved ones. We had dinner with friends and family when it was possible. We took a little trip to the mountains. And best of all we spent a lot of time at home relaxing and pretending life was normal; whatever that is.

I was able to take the entire 21 days off work thanks to a friend at the office who handled my escrows. What a blessing. It as the best 21 days so far this year.

I've included a few photos so you can see how great he looks ...

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