Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Outside the wire again ...

"I will be on the road beginning the night of .................................... (next week-dates blocked for safety) Going to the IZ (Int'l Zone) with COL Rathje. I have been ducking it for months, he thinks I need to get out of here and get a change of scenery. I guess it won't be that bad. We have two meetings, one for banking and one for turning over Prov. control to the Iraqi's by the USMC in Anbar.

I need to get to work, I am interviewing a local national about travel in and around the province. "

Upon Larry's return from this mission he will be within 30 days of his R&R trip home. We are all so excited for a break and to be in one another's arms again. Your continued prayers and support are what keeps him safe and sane .... thank you :)

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