Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some good stuff coming soon ...

Yesterday Larry told me several of them are all going out to a Sheik's house for a celebration. It will be a number of units and all of the PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team). I asked Larry to give me lots of details as this sounds like it'll be interesting. He promises that after the weekend we'll have a good story as he is going to the market again on Saturday for another foot patrol. Their transportation is a Zodiac, one of those big rubber rafts that you see the Navy Seals using. Carries about six people with a big engine in the back. It is used for all water missions. The place they are going is right across the river and it is easier and faster to use the raft than to convoy all the way around all the bridges and roadways. Plus there are no IEDs in the water. Stay tuned ...

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Debbie George said...

Hi Terri and Larry,
I did not know you had this blog available. I feel as if I am bugging you when I ask how all is going for you and Larry. This is nice, I can follow along when I am able.
Larry, Thanks so much for your service, you are in my prayers. You are on the St Paul's prayer list, you have been since you left
We appreciate your service nd Terri we appreciate your unselfishness. God Bless you both
Debbie George