Thursday, August 16, 2007

On the move ...

Amazingly, Larry's spirits remain high. He is the scout for their new impending move to Camp Ramadi.

"I will be out on the road today between 1300 and 1600. I need to go to Camp Ramadi to check on our move to that location in December. Our 1/2 day off has been changed to Friday (that is the Iraqi Sunday and they don't work on that day) so I will not be off on Sunday anymore. However, we can still go to church, that is considered the same as working. It will be like 1 and a half days off so that is good. Time still seems to going pretty fast for us, soon my leave date will be inside 60 days and a few days after I get back it will be December."

Before we know it he'll be home for his 2-week R&R (rest & relaxation). That always helps break up the monotony of our separation. The change in days off really is a blessing because until then, they only had Sunday mornings off and being a church goer, he had no day that he could sleep in and decompress.

Please keep them all in your prayers as the days have turned into months and it can become very difficult at times. We appreciate you all so very much ...

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