Saturday, July 28, 2007

Weather: Hot and clear, mid-day temperature for the past week category IV 130 degree+

Terri said the natives are restless and want more news so let us discuss my day today at FOB Blue Diamond (Forward Operating Base). First of all your day is determined upon whether or not you will be working “outside the wire” (all operational missions outside the security perimeter of the base) or staying “inside the wire”. Today, I am inside so I woke up at 0600, performed personal hygiene and headed to the DFAC (dinning facility) for breakfast; ¾ mile walk from where I sleep. There are two standing orders at Blue Diamond that are always in place; you can never be without a loaded weapon and you can only eat in the DFAC in a clean duty uniform. There are no civilians clothes allowed and no eating in any physical fitness uniform. If you are dirty or otherwise, someone must come in and get you a take-out meal.
Actually, we are quite lucky here at Blue Diamond because the DFAC is superior and even if you are off post for the day you will get at least two great meals per day (breakfast, noon meal, evening meal, and mid-watch meal). For example, the menu for lunch today was; short order (burgers, hot dogs, and pizza), main line (4-5 choices), sandwich bar, salad bar, pasta bar, stir fry, and desert bar (ice cream, cake, pie).

OK after breakfast, I “stand to” with my duty section at my duty station and since it is Saturday it is cleanup/maintenance day: sweeping, mopping, dusting, dumping, and general maintenance to be done. I like sweeping the best, especially outside. We have in my work area about 3000 square feet of concrete and my immediate commander is a Marine COL and he likes everything to be clean, even the dirt.

The rest of my day will be spent executing the orders of the day. Just like the corporate business world the military has email too, only x3. Here I have my regular .mil account, unclassified “official use only”, and secret classified. Any one who knows me also knows how much I like email, at home my favorite key is “delete”, however, that does not work so well for me here. As Terri knows, I do not like any carry over, nor do I want any old messages hanging around cluttering up my inbox ( it drives her nuts that I start each day with zero carryover and that I don’t have 1500 old messages in my inbox), but what else can I do. The rest of my “inside the wire day” consists of writing emails, reading emails, reading memos, reading memos, reading the newspaper, sweeping, cleaning weapons, standing guard mount, workout, and the ever present STRATEGY MEETINGS. Oh did I forget POWERPOINT, oh I am sorry. Now you see why everyone wants to go “outside the wire”.

The evening meal begins at 1800, and then around 1900 I retreat to my hideout and unwind for a few hours reading or watching DVDs. The mail only comes MWF and I get 4 hours off duty on Sunday am. That’s it…….pretty exciting!!!!! Next time I will cover an “outside the wire day” and that folks is where the rubber meets the road and the real money is earned. Out here…….Larry. P.S. Don’t you all just love Terri, I do; what a princess.


David and Kari said...

Thats so cool, not I am anticipating the next update.

Nan said...

Well said.