Monday, July 30, 2007

Never made it ....

You know how sometimes things just don't work out? Larry didn't get on the helicopter for whatever reason ... but I am always thankful because there was probably a reason he was left behind on this mission.

On a sad note, here is the latest from Camp Blue Diamond:

one of the KBR (Kellogg Bron & Root) contractors was shot in the head not more than 50 yards from where we all work. I guess he was just standing in the convoy staging yard when a bullet hit him in the top of the head. They took him by MEDEVAC to Balad, but we don't know what his status is. It could have been anybody."

I don't know any more details as to whether it was an accident or insurgents. I'll ask Larry and fill everyone in. That certainly makes me realize the "relatively safe" is not that comforting. Until next time ...

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