Sunday, July 15, 2007

How many ways can I say it ???

Thanks for your thoughts and continual prayers and support. Larry called this morning and we hadn't talked since I think last Monday. He was safely back to the forward operating base. I asked him how he and the COL traveled to which he nonchalantly replied that they ride in an armed caravan of 4 Hum V's. Again my thoughts were, "that's what you call relatively safe"?

They again met with the higher ups of the Iraqi police and army along with, I'll call them ambassadors for lack of knowing exactly who they were. All I know is that I was impressed. It sounded like a feast and lots of visiting. I am guessing that it is not all that fun but it sounded like an important task. They did a 2 hour foot patrol at the market again, kind of like one of America's farmers markets.

I am still amazed at his courage and mental stamina. He is so positive and encouraging to me every time he calls or writes. Me who is here in my safe American home in my safe American city, getting ready to go to the Giants vs Dodgers game which he and I LOVE to do (no comments please if you know what a bad year the Giants are having). And yet he is glad that life is going on here and so anxious to get back to that life himself.

Larry is a man of incredible integrity and faith. I am so proud to be his wife ... until later

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