Saturday, July 21, 2007

Did you wonder where I was?

Sorry for the lack of content this week. I had a very busy week and a Real Estate Conference in Colorado. However, Mr. Wonderful did call me late on Friday night. He was anxious to hear all about how things were going for me ... however there was a distinct sadness in his voice. Today is 3 months and unless you've lived it, time begins to crawl, homesickness sets in, and quite frankly you just get in a rut.

Things don't change much there in Ramadi and other than a random trip "outside the wire" I expect that days get mighty long and home seems so far away you can hardly remember it. When you think of Larry please pray for strength, perseverance and wisdom. He is a man on a mission but he is human just like the rest of us ... home is not home without him.

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