Saturday, June 9, 2007

He knows who's he is ...

Here's a man confident in his Father's arms. I got an email from Larry this morning and he is doing very well. Still in Baghdad. His exact words were, "Been to the gym and to the movie here everyday. It is like a vacation." That's a vacation I'm glad I'm not on :) But seriously, he is safe and where he is called to be and he fears not, for God is with him. That's a praise! Thank you Lord for all who are called and answer that call for our nations sake. Please keep them safe and free for harm. Until next time ...

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Mine said...

This man surely has his priorities in order - curtains and Baskin Robbins; I had to laugh so hard!!
And although you won't be able to sell it for a profit, Larry, the soldier following you will surely appreciate it:)
Take care.
We think of you always..
The Secklers