Monday, May 21, 2007

Yahoo! What a great call ...

great for me but not so great for you all as I didn't get much info.

Larry called tonight and sounded so good ... the little I heard him, because I did all the talking :) I had a list a mile long of things I was excited to tell him and ways that God is making himself known to me. He was so glad to hear all the news and of course thankful that God is filling the void for us both.

He did say that he felt much better, was well rested and has been able to work out almost everyday. But he didn't have time for much else as he had to rush off to work; whatever that is for him, I still have no details. After all, I really don't need any details do I? He is the one that has to know what to do and when. I just love the calls :) Until the next one ... many blessing!

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jkenzibop said...

Terri and Larry - this is my second attempt at blogging - it erased my first one and "it was good". I just wanted to thank you for the blog - what a great way to keep up on your lives and Larry's whereabouts. I watched the "you tube" about "remember me" and had to stop before it was done - as it brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine how you make it through each day with your "husband, best friend, dad, neighbor, bible study partner, etc" (Larry) - in a land of darkness protecting our freedom and lives. Thank you Larry for your willingness to serve, your courage, and your love of our God. We pray daily for you separately and for your family during this time of deployment. We will not cease! We are honored to know the both of you - and you have lightened our lives. Be safe, Godspeed in your return!

Remember - "accessorize" that trailer like Terri says only you can!

Jill and Bob Ayres