Saturday, May 26, 2007

The sound of his voice ...

is all it takes to give me the strength for another day (or 335) but who's counting. Larry called quite later last night but oh how welcome the call was. He sounded great as he has for a couple weeks now.

Apparently the weather isn't too bad yet ... 110 degrees yesterday. He very confidently said, "it won't last that long. By the end of September it will cool back down." He's very optimistic in my opinion.

Although they never know for sure, he thought they would be leaving for Fallujah this weekend. Of course he is anxious to get where ever it is that he is going so that he can begin his mission. He also promised to get photos to me as soon as he can. I know we'd all like more pictures but he hasn't quite grasped the sending process although we had an extensive training session the day he left :) He is going to mail me the card out of his camera; go figure.

Until next time ... celebrate Memorial Day for what it is :) Enjoy!

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