Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day ...

Monday morning could not have come soon enough as I was expecting to get to talk to Larry. I woke up to the following email:

Sweetheart: Thank you, your words and thoughts they are very
comforting to me. Listen, it is Monday at 17:50 PM and I will
not be able to call you tonight. All our bags are packed and
at the airfield, we tried to leave last night but at 0300
they canceled the flight due to weather. We are making
another attempt to depart tonight. I did not want you to
worry and I will call as soon as possible,just to let you
know I am OK. Right now I am real good and looking forward to
getting to a final location after 5 weeks of being on the
move. I love you so much and look forward to hearing your
voice soon.

I am so thankful to have heard, but I was so looking forward to chatting. It
was going to be the highlight of my weekend. Then I am reminded how
selfish my
thoughts are and that he wants to call home as bad as I want
him to. So I will
get on with my day ... weekends are so long.

Yesterday David called twice. The boys are so attentive and sure to stay
in touch
daily as they know how much we all miss Larry. I was feeling like my
posts were getting
boring but all the boys have said that they always are
anxious to see what I've
posted since they don't get to talk to Larry. What
a blessing to have such incredible sons :) God has given me such a gift
in all three of them.

Enjoy you Memorial Day dear ones. Until next time ...

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