Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The dust was flying ....

when Larry called this evening he warned me that our reception might not be to good as they were having a severe dust storm. It rained yesterday and was about 100 degrees. As hot as that seems, he said that he's glad they were able to get there in the spring before it gets hot.

You know the saying, "what a small world". Well yesterday Larry ran into a fellow by the name of Lee Gillette that he has served with in various capacities for many years. He got there a couple of days ago. Lee and his family live in Salida and attend Big Valley Grace where we attend in Modesto.

The group will be bussed to a nearby airfield today to get plates for their protective vests. After that just more classes, working out, and possibly a stop at the PX. They will be heading out of Kuwait either Saturday or Sunday. From there he will be in Baghdad for a week or two. At this point he thinks he'll then move into the Anbar Province of Ramadi. According to my calculations Ramadi is about 80 miles east of Baghdad.

As the soldiers travel into more dangerous places, please keep them in your prayers. Pray for their safety as well as their mental strength to handle whatever situation they must endure. More in a few days .....

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