Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bittersweet is an understatement

Sunday's are very long days. In anticipation of Larry's call tonight I kept a list of all the things I was very anxious to tell him. A lot happens in 48 hours if you track it.

At 7:15PM my time he called, which was 5:15AM on Monday for him. He had been up for 30 hours and only had a few hours to get some sleep before reporting at noon his time. He was exhausted ... just wanted me to know he had arrived safely and to make sure all was ok on the home front.

Thankfully he is safely in the Baghdad region but that is all that I know. As I post this I find it strange that as American's (I) take so much for granted. Anxious to tell Larry about church last night and the Giants games yesterday and today, among many other things about our sons, I am reminded that he is fighting for that freedom that I enjoy. While I am anxiously awaiting a call that I forget comes from a war zone, he is keeping an ever vigilant eye out for his own safety and that of his comrades.

Lord, protect my precious husband and all the soldiers that are protecting my freedoms. Give him something to look forward to, fill him with your ever-lasting love and strength. Be at his side when he feels like nothing is fun and encouraging and show him your presence in ways that he can only give you the glory for. In addition, give me the strength to withstand the disappointment when we have no time to chat. Fill me with your courage when I feel so alone and sad. Be the love that fills the void in our hearts during our separation. Amen ...


Kari said...

I love you mom, stay strong and Kari and I are praying for Larry and you during this time.

Love you,


Tom Laskey said...

Continue to know that we are praying for you!

Tom & Christi Laskey