Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 1 and counting ...

Everything seemed to be fine and no problem until it came time to drop Larry off at the airport. Funny how real the fact that he was deploying for 1 year became. That was the worst. In fact, Saturday slowly became a day that seemed to have lasted forever. The dread of the inevitable was upon us.

We packed all Larry's stuff that he had been "staging" for 2 weeks. We had to fit everything he would need for 1 year in two Army issue duffel bags. That was fun. In fact, we didn't quite make it. We unpacked, decided what I could ship to him later and packed again.

Then we had one last minute computer lesson on his new camera, downloading photos, emailing photos, and saving everything to a thumb drive. That seems to bring out the best in both of us :) I am sure he got it all. The proof will be in the results. I'll keep you posted.

Aaron, Mikie, Larry and I went to dinner in town and then off to San Francisco Airport for his 11:20PM departure. No one likes goodbyes, especially when they are for such a long period of time. So that was tough. We all were sad and actually leaving was so hard. I am so thankful that the boys were able to be there. It was so comforting riding home with them and sharing our feelings with each other.

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